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“Every Breath is Evidence for the Love of God”

-Richard Rohr-

Taking this phrase of Franciscan priest Richard Rohr as a reference, the Posaunenchor (trombone band) Bodanrueck and its instruments are messengers of the love of God for over 30 years now.

It all started as the Posaunenchor Allensbach, which was founded in 1979 by Mr. Hecker, then pastor in Allensbach. Later, after the congregations of Wallhausen and Litzelstetten joined, it was renamed to Posaunenchor Bodanrueck.

Every year, our band stages around 20 appearances in the three congregations, in church services, summer festivals, and other occasions. Week by week, 12 to 15 band members gather to rehearse for their appearances. Over the years, our Band has grown to a valuable community that also meets for other joint activities – the May excursion and the Summer Festival are already a tradition.

A special feature of trombone bands is their composition of members from all generations: in our Band, the members currently span the ages from 13 to over 60. Here, the young can experience responsibility and continuity, whereas the older are energized by the spirit and enthusiasm of the youngsters.

Youth work is particularly important for our Band: at present, we have around 20 kids and teens who we introduce to the “musical trade”. But of course we also welcome grown-up starters. Often, it is their dream since childhood to learn an instrument. So, if you enjoy making music and want to practice in a strong community, think about joining us!

In the breath we experience the love of God, and with our instruments we spread it between us and to others – it is great to be a messenger of the love of God.